ChilliPharm | Medical images securely stored

Fast, secure, compliant. Keeping you and your data connected.

ChilliPharm puts patient data security at the heart of everything we do.

Whether it is a video, an MRI or X-Ray, sharing via email, sending a disc in the post or putting the disc in your bag is no longer an option in a world where patient data security is of key importance.

Imagine a safe and compliant service which enables real time review of multiple medical images and the easy secure sharing of patient data, wherever you are in the world, whenever you need access at the click of a mouse.

We work internationally and are able to access all our files at any time of day or night.

It’s quick and easy to use and you control the level of access of each user.

Health data comes from a wide variety of sources and we know that teamwork and data sharing are critical to success, whether that’s providing easy access to training videos or capturing large complex data images for study population analyses. With ChilliPharm you can share files quickly and safely, setting up notifications and reminders to ensure urgent images are reviewed on time every time.

ChilliPharm allows medical professionals to be totally focused on patient outcomes by making it easy and totally secure to store, share and access medical images, photos, videos and even presentations. There are no limitations or restrictions on either file size or type.

Our unique metadata options even allow you to connect multiple longitudinal or cross sectional data images, and group images with important related clinical notes.

All access is controlled by your organisation’s administrator and once granted, secure access can be obtained via your users’ regular internet connection using any suitable device.

Our ISO accreditation assures data protection and regulatory compliance.

ChilliPharm provides a secure, reliable and cost effective solution to managing all forms of digital medical image files. Our ISO accreditation ensures we maintain regulatory compliance and employ best practice procedures for image transfer.

File acceleration technology guarantees file delivery wherever you are without any limits.

Our proprietary software guarantees file transfer into completely secure encrypted data vaults. Once you start to up or download a file we can guarantee that the transfer will complete even if your internet connection is interrupted thanks to Aspera®, our integrated file acceleration software.

Integrated Aspera® allows us to download large files really quickly on slow connections.
  • Secure and compliant

  • Configurable to any specification
  • Scalable solution
  • Subscription based pricing model