A whole suite of video solutions for your clinical trial

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For all your clinical trial needs, including patient assessments, surgical procedures and training. We make sure you are supported from electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA and vCOA) collection right the way through to approval submission

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Smart and simple video services

ChilliPharm makes sure you get end-to-end video solutions for every clinical trial need. So you can continue making a difference.

For a decade, we’ve led the way in video assessments of all kinds.

All your videos are safe and secure and we have the certification and accreditation to prove we are completely compliant.

We offer many video solutions

  • Patient PII de-identification on request
  • Filming kit locked down to a specific trial
  • Totally intuitive software so you can record and review easily and compliantly
  • Encrypted and passcode protected filming kit
  • Upload and share any file, any size, whenever and wherever in the world*
  • Smart anonymisation

    *Subject to connectivity

We ship a simple to use, fully configured filming kit

And we will be there for any support and training you need.

Clinical trial functional assessment videos

Video can be incredibly valuable for filming clinical procedures so everyone can be sure everything is being done as it should be — globally.

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Our bespoke video services make for compliant patient de-identification

We are experienced in anonymising video participants so you can unlock videos for regulatory submissions, training or peer reviews.

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Centralised site to assist remote reliability training

Using video for reliability training is key to having the confidence and proof that your sites are scoring assessments correctly. We deliver consistent and compliant remote reliability training in a centralised location.

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Training, peer review and sharing novel surgical procedures

Keep the spirit of innovation alive. You can use our filming kits to capture, upload and share videos of surgical procedures to support learning and development.

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