We are a world leader in functional assessment videos

For clinical trials

Your Clinical Evaluators can film functional assessment videos with our smart and simple filming kits and upload and share on our safe, secure and compliant ChilliPharm platform.

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“At ChilliPharm, we help sites all over the world film, review and manage secure, compliant and consistent video assessments.”

We know just how important quality control checks are. That’s why we partner with qualified reviewers to ensure assessments are consistent across all participating sites.

Simply have your sites or subjects record functional assessment videos on our filming kits, upload to our secure ChilliPharm portal and then your Rater Trainers can login to view and review.

Get the instant feedback you need—safely and securely.

The ChilliPharm Platform makes it as simple and convenient as possible

  • Specially configured study portal with access control for individual sites
  • Customised notifications and reporting
  • Instant feedback loop with site clinician
  • Customisable eForms to collect you site data
  • Helpful support for sites

We do smart patient anonymisation

  • De-identification of all video participants
  • Audio PII removal
  • Milestone compilations
  • Ad-hoc video editing

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