We help deliver remote reliability training for clinical sites

For proof of consistency

Video can be incredibly valuable for filming clinical procedures and processes across multiple global clinical sites for proof of consistency

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“We understand sometimes you need hard proof”

Hard proof that all processes and procedures are completely consistent across your sites. Many people use our system for exactly this reason—reliability training. We have lots of experience in making this happen for clinical practitioners all over the world.

Simply upload your anonymised physical assessment videos and have clinical evaluators score them within ChilliPharm. Our reporting tools will share scores so you get consistency.

Now you have proof of consistency and competency, and can easily identify any sites that need extra training.

Use our reliability training for the results you want to see across your sites

  • Each trainee will get a secure login
  • All actions are recorded in an activity log
  • Training forms are completely customisable
  • Reporting on training outcomes

Once you have consent, your trial videos can be repurposed for training

  • De-identification of all video participants
  • Full reports on training scores
  • Instant feedback loop

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